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“I had the “Kettle” flavor yesterday.
Can I get an OMG, folks? Because, really... OMG!
They are amaaaaaazing!” ~ Jennifer S.

Join the snack revolution. No more settling for ‘better for you’ snacks that taste like cardboard. No more postsnack guilt. We use corn from nonGMO farms and simple ingredients that are easy to pronounce. No gluten or trans fat. Just a better taste, and an even better snack.

The Science of Snacking
Why Does Food Texture Matter?
Whether it’s crunchy, chewy, soft or spongy - sometimes we crave a food based on its texture. And when the expectations don’t meet the actual outcome of a snack, we are usually disappointed.
Hangover Cures
11 Snacks that will Beat Your Hangover
Aside from the fact that you drank too much, a hangover is caused by a number of factors. Alcohol makes you urinate more, triggers an inflammatory response from your immune system, aggravates your stomach lining, lowers blood sugar levels, and enlarges blood vessels.