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Unhealthy life is only after your 50th bad

Good news for the bon vivants among us who do like a snack, drink and cigarette! The negative consequences of these unhealthy habits turn out to be less bad than previously assumed. That is, if you improve your lifestyle before the age of 50. American scientists have discovered that.

A study among more than five thousand people showed that the risk of heart problems can be reduced by living in the thirties, or even forty, healthier lives. This could possibly even repair the entire damage caused.

Research leader Bonnie Sprong tells the MedicalExpress website that it is certainly not too late. “Young adults are not going to die if they have some bad habits. You can still change something and your heart will improve. But if you don’t maintain that healthy lifestyle, it increases the risk of heart problems. ”

The study also showed that when you start living unhealthy later in life, the risk of heart problems is considerably increased.

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