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The 6 biggest lies about healthy food

I remember well that ‘the disk of five’ used to come home and school regularly. You have to get power from every disk. Bread is healthy, fat is bad, dairy is good for your bones and you need carbohydrates if you are going to (expensive) exercise. We get all kinds of guidelines in our youth and then you have to take care of yourself … we are then at the mercy of the food industry. More and more programs are charting how the food industry is fooling us. In a number of cases squid rings are made from pork anus and that delicious vanilla flavor could just be beaver horny. It is questionable anyway that there are apparently people who taste things like that to see if you can make something else out of them. Anyway … we are fooled by what we stand for and the government does not really stand up for us.

1. Do not eat more than 2 eggs per week. Eggs are unhealthy.

This claim is based on the fact that eggs contain large amounts of cholesterol. However, recent research has shown that eggs increase ‘good’ cholesterol. 

And even more so … more and more studies show that eating eggs causes you to lose weight. Eat 2-3 eggs for breakfast for maximum results. 

2. Bread and grain is healthy for you

Perhaps the most important misconception … What do you think scientists feed mice to cause diabetes? Fat? … Bread! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because more and more studies indicate that grain and gluten have a bad influence on our body.

3. Carbohydrates as a basis

We are generally advised to extract between 50% – 60% of our calories from carbohydrates. Fantastic! Because we will save that in the Netherlands. Strangely enough, we are all fatter than ever. Perhaps an opinion that dates back to the time shortly after the Second World War when everyone was hungry due to hunger? Numerous studies have also been done into this diet. And 3x guessing … exactly! Fat-rich and low-carbohydrate diets are healthier than low-fat and low-fat diets. Save the investigations after

4. High-fat food is bad for you

If you are fat you eat too much fat. And of course we don’t want our fat layer to grow even further. So we remove the fats from our diet. Seems logical, because there are now more fat-free products for sale in the store than full-fat products. Yet there are more fat people than ever! That should not be possible if we only eat low-fat food, so what about that?

5. You have to spread many small meals throughout the day

Yeah right! A myth invented by a dietician who did not pay attention at school … or at least half the time. That idea is based on the fact that your metabolism (burning) increases when you eat. And in essence that is true … only it is not the food that raises your metabolism. It is the processing of food that increases your metabolism and then it is much more about what you eat and not how often you eat. Several studies even indicate that many small meals do not give you a feeling of satiety and are therefore much more sensitive to impulse snacks

6. Low carbohydrate food is bad for you and hard to sustain

Of course there are certain companies in the food industry that are not very happy with all the hectic pace about those carbohydrates (delicious those conspiracy theories :)). But without kidding … there are groups of people, including certain media, who claim that eating low carbohydrates is bad for you and that it cannot be sustained. But it is gradually becoming quieter in those groups, because one study after another shows the opposite. I just list a few benefits for you … supported by science

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