Pop Corners

The Better Choice.

So many flavors, so little time. Do you go Cinema Style or maybe Carnival Kettle? Or White Cheddar. You do like cheese. You could grab a couple bags of Salt of the Earth and Sweet Heat Chili for balance, but you’ve also had your eye on Sweetly Salted Caramel for a while. And who can forget Smokin’ Jalapeno? The answer’s simple: all of the above.
But it’s snacks after all and we haven’t forgotten about the good bits. Having just the right flavor combinations and inventing the “Double Press Crunch” for ultimate texture and crispiness. We’re always striving for something greater in snacks, just so everyone can enjoy something a little better. We say, stand up for better snacks. Fight for the right to snack happy.
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I just wanted to let you know that this is the most amazing snack I’ve ever eaten. I force everyone in my office and all my friends and family to try it anytime I have an open bag when they’re around…which is a lot. You’re awesome! ~ Angie A.
The Science of Snacking
Why Does Food Texture Matter?
Whether it’s crunchy, chewy, soft or spongy - sometimes we crave a food based on its texture. And when the expectations don’t meet the actual outcome of a snack, we are usually disappointed.